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PEDV: Was Plasma Blamed Too Quickly? | Pig Progress Volume 30, No. 9 2014
PEDv: Was plasma blamed too quickly? Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus appears to be transmitted through feed and air. In Canada, fingers were pointed to the feed ingredient...
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APC Inc. to be Featured in Upcoming Episode of American Farmer Airing on RFD-TV
APC, Inc., announced today that they will be featured in an upcoming episode of American Farmer, airing 1ST Quarter 2015 on RFD-TV. APC is the world’s largest...
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OIE Confirms Spray Dried Plasma Is Not A Source of Infection of PEDv
The The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has confirmed that contrary to earlier reports, pig blood products such as dried plasma are not a likely source of...
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Feedstuffs July 2014 | Studies Point to Plasma as Safe Feed Ingredient
Feedstuffs has published an article summarizing research about spray dried porcine plasma safety in feed. "Experiments by producer group and FDA to test hypothesis that...
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Controlled Experiments Provide Conclusive Evidence Spray-Dried Porcine Plasma is a Safe Ingredient
Controlled Experiments Provide Conclusive Evidence Spray-Dried Porcine Plasma is a Safe Ingredient and is Not a Source of Infective PED Virus Research Report by...
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APC Discoveries Technical Brief: Biosafety of Spray Dried Plasma Relative to PEDv
APC Discoveries Technical Brief: Biosafety of Spray Dried Plasma Relative to PEDv Recently, spray-dried porcine plasma has been implicated as a vector responsible for the...
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